Štefan Svitko Motorcycle rider

The SLOVNAFT motorcycle rider is a thirteenfold Slovak Enduro and Cross-Country Champion and a threefold European Enduro Champion. He participated in the International Six Days race eight times and at Dakar Rally seven times.


Zlatko Novosád Mechanic

An excellent mechanic who has been maintaining Svitko’s motorcycle on a long-term basis. He himself is a long-time representative of the Slovak Republic in enduro, a fivefold Slovak Champion in enduro and cross-country, and a ninefold participant in the International Six Days race.

Jakub Kmeťko Physiotherapist

An experienced physiotherapist takes care of Štefan's physical condition and well-being. He used to work with top class Czech athletes (Canoe slalom athlete Vavrinec Hradílek, snowboarder Šárka Pančochová and others). He lives and works in Orava and has been working with Števo for the last year.



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