Competing with Botturi

My stories / 23. September 2016

During races, it happens to even the most experienced riders that they sometimes get lost. That is what caused Štefan to conquer second place on the third day of the race after two victories.

“After 40 kilometers, I turned earlier than I should have and rode about one kilometer extra. Before I got back on the track, Botturi had caught up with me and got to the finish line before me. Even though I started second on the next day, after this navigational error I got in the lead again after 30 kilometers.”

The joy of leading did not last long.

“At the 80th kilometer we had to refuel. Some riders there had their escort and refuelled out of prepared cans. We, who didn’t have such a service, had to refuel at a gas station. The pump didn’t work, so I asked the staff lady to turn it on for me. However, at that moment she shouted at me that she was making coffee and I had to wait. So I stood there for about five minutes before she turned it on.”

Botturi therefore again got into the lead and navigated Štefan. But at the first turn from the main road, both chose the wrong direction because of incorrectly marked paths in the roadbook, and other riders had gone astray as well. This created a new opportunity for Štefan.

“Finally, we got out and little by little I overtook everyone. I arrived at the finish line with a seven-minute lead.”

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