The last training before Dakar

My stories / 27. December 2019

Training in High Tatras is already a tradition for Števo before leaving to Dakar. This year guys from Slovnaft rally team joined him there.

“Mato Giertl and Rasťo Kokavec are with me in the Tatras. I want to teach them how to train properly. ”

Only 17-year-old Martin Giertl and 20-year-old Rasťo Kokavec completed this year’s Portuguese motorcycle competition in Portimau with Števo . As he says, he sees the future of the Slovak enduro in them, his successors.

“The guys underwent both fitness and interval tests, we were also practicing balance exercises. Together we did the ski alp at Skalnate pleso. We started at half past seven in the morning. The slope is not groomed, the terrain was really difficult to ski. ”

The whole crew is in the Tatras from 26 to 29 December.

“We would like to have one more training on Sunday. But we will see how we will feel. We will adapt the entire program accordingly. ”

In addition to demanding trainings, they do not forget about regeneration.

“We go to the sauna, the jacuzzi. We are also going to a cryo chamber in Poprad. ”

In addition to physical training, the mental health is also important. All the time at Dakar, Števo will have his most important support by his side – his daughters on the helmet.

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