Rally Dakar 2017 | At high altitude

My stories / 24. February 2017

Despite several health problems, Števo did not give up and drove all stages to the finish. He got over storms, mud, heat and even exhaustion, and still, he had enough energy.

“Last year I went through three stages, and I was thoroughly exhausted, but this year, I didn’t experience it even once. At the altitude of 4,952 meters above sea level, there was quite cold. In previous years, I suffered hot weather, and therefore we had more problems with the motorcycle. Fortunately, we have avoided such problems this year.”

At this altitude, the air temperature drops very quickly, and the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere reduces to 53%. For every human body, such a sudden change is a big shock, even more, when the drivers must give their best performance.

“At the high altitude, in which we rode, my driving concentration was much worse. Not speaking of the fact that a man has certainly less power because of breathing problems.”

Števo had to overcome big temperature fluctuation, in Bolivia, it was only 3°C, but in Argentina, the temperature rose to 45°C. His body was given a hard time.

“Dakar should be challenging, and it really was.”

It occurs many times that the rider is lost or sank into the mud or sand dunes. Fortunately, it didn’t happen to Števo, but he was always ready for it.

“Every rider must carry the Camel Bag with three litres of water on the back and two litres on the motorcycle. It is always strictly controlled before the start because if something happens during the stage and the rider stays alone in the desert, he must have available at least a source of drinking water.”

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