Family is a source of happiness

My stories / 24. February 2016

“I had little angels as a talisman. Ceramic ones from Katka and crocheted from mom. I had them with me in the jacket and in the motorbike’s compartment during riding.”

The most visible talisman, however, was noticed by everyone. The design of the helmet was eye-catching for fans.

“I said to the friend who sprays my motorbikes that I wanted something special. He suggested that we could spray my daughter’s picture on the helmet.”


The talismanic gifts from family really brought Števo happiness, and probably also because of that he passed the airport gate holding, not only a prize from Dakar, but a teddy bear for his beloved daughter Sofinka.

“I wanted to buy her a big one like me, but I knew that they wouldn’t have taken it as part of my luggage, and that I would have to put it down in the plane. Therefore, we also fought for it along with the statue so that they would allow us to take it on the plane. In the end I bought at least the biggest one they had at the airport for her.”

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