Reaching the finish with a broken brake is an art

My stories / 4. March 2016

“When you are riding you need to completely keep an eye on everything. On the gasoline level, in order to not damage the bike and mainly one’s own falls. Because if you fall and break some part of the body, in that moment you are likely to be done.”


Fortunately Števo didn’t fall this year. However, he managed to break and, consequently, lose the rear brake. In the last 50 kilometers to the finish he had to manage with only the front one.

“It was very dangerous. Especially if you are riding over terrain with a 20-meter or even 100-meter tumble. If you don’t manage to brake on such a twist, you fall down and no one is pulled out so soon. That’s why I went quite slowly.”


It’s also important to follow the terrain, which is always changing.

“Not even two turns are ever the same. Although you can see that you have one in front of you but you don’t know what’s beyond. ”

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