Jubilee and exceptional Portugal

My stories / 18. November 2019

The tenth participation in the Portuguese motorcycle competition in Portimau was exceptional for Števo for two reasons. In addition to the jubilee participation, he drove the race along with the young drivers of the Slovnaft rally team.

“This year Slovnaft also supported two young riders. We’ve known each other and ride together for a long time. So we’ve made a team together. ”

Only 17-year-old Martin Giertl and 20-year-old Rastislav Kokavec could try out what the race looks like abroad.

“It’s a really tough race. It takes six days and experiences are the key in such races. The guys had to work really hard to finish the route.”

Already difficult terrain was also unpleasant because of the weather.

“The first and the second day were fine, we drove seven and a half hour every day. Then came the rain, the snow, the great fog and the winter, our hands were freezing. In situations like this one you just say to yourself: Was this necessary?”

Both young riders managed their debut despite the obstacles.

“After the race, the guys can relax and between the holidays we will go to the Tatras together. I want to show them how things works. You only have to die, but in enduro, you also have to train a lot. ”

For Števo, both Martin and Rastislav are the future of Slovak enduro.

“I want to move them further into the world. I see my successors in them. My goal is that they will go to Dakar once. ”

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