Pitfalls of the Serres Rally

My stories / 25. September 2016

Even a small mistake when turning can change the outcome of a race. It doesn’t only mean an increase in the number of kilometers along a specified route, but also the loss of a valuable lead or danger of impact.

“The routes were criss-crossing in various ways and so it often happened that a rider who got lost often found themselves in the opposite direction and didn’t even know about it. One must mainly believe and also have some experience. Then the ride is good.”

During the fifth day of the Serres Rally, Štefan almost collided with a rider who started two minutes after him on the thirtieth kilometer of the track. They almost crashed into each other at a high speed.

“The other rider took the wrong turn, then got lost and came out onto the road right opposite of me. Luckily, we managed to avoid each other and it turned out well.”


In Štefan’s opinion, the roadbook lacked the marking of dangerous places.

 “I fell four times during the beginning, once quite unpleasantly. I couldn’t decelerate enough in one turn with a meter-deep puddle of water.”

The fall then shifted him from the previous first to fourth place in the given phase.

“In the overall assessment, however, I had a 50-minute head start. That motivated me to bring it to a successful conclusion.”

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