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My stories / 26. January 2021

Zlatko Novosad:

Every day after the race, the motorcycle goes into care of Zlatoš: he changes the tires, oil, filters, cleans everything. He advises not to put the tanks down – due to the ubiquitous dust. Just a little bit of dirt, and quick coupler on the tanks could cause a lot of trouble. After thorough maintenance, he tests the motorcycle himself, it is important to detect even the smallest problem. He mentions the discovery of a small leak on the rubber band:

“At that time it might not have been a problem for Števo yet, but the next day it could happen that the front tank would not work, because it would not have enough pressure.”

Although Saudi Arabia is an oil power, Svitko’s team carries their own oil for the race. How much? Zlatoš has a quite exact answer. A lot. The oil is being changed every day, no matter how many kilometers Števo rides.

“I’ll check to see if there’s a sawdust from the engine in the oil or there’s any other problem. It helps me to see the condition of the engine.” he describes his diagnostic methods.

The mechanic was initially surprised by the fact that Svitko used oil from Slovnaft, but after years he could not be more pleased with it:

“We even had the engine disassembled and it was just like if it was new.”  he stated, although his dexterous hands can certainly take credit for the perfect condition of the engine.

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