It started as fun with my friends

My stories / 10. February 2016

“As a 16-year-old, I was riding a motorcycle with friends just for fun. When I was 19, my father told me either I decide whether I want to ride professionally or we sell the motorcycles and that would be the end. Then I realized that racing is what I wanted to do. In essence, I started to work on myself from 20 years of age and today I regret I didn’t start sooner.“

The hard work with motorcycles has yielded fruit for him already several times. He was declared the best rookie at his first Dakar, and many spoke of him as a young talent. However, there is much more behind his success.

“I don’t think of myself as being talented, but it’s that I slaved away and only like that is it possible. They said that Katroš did not have talent, but he slaved away. I know how he trained, because he went to ride in our place, Orava, so I saw and heard what training entails. There are sports where you need to have talent, but there are also those where you can slave away, and I achieved it through my labor.“


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